News Shooter Publishes Comprehensive Review of New DJI Smart Controller

DJI Smart Controller for Mavic 2 Series of Drones
DJI Smart Controller for Mavic 2 Series of Drones

News Shooter published a comprehensive review of the new DJI Smart Controller. DJI announced the controller for the Mavic 2 series of drones at CES recently. If you are or tired of slaving your smart device to your controller with a cable or wedging it into the controller’s socket, read this review here to help you decide if the new integrated controller is right for you.

DJI Smart Controller with Built-In 5.5″ Screen Announced at CES 2019

DJI Product Photo of the Smart Controller for Mavic 2 with built-in screen.

DJI announced a new smart controller with a built-in screen for Mavic 2 Zoom, Pro, and Enterprise models. The new controller allows drone operation without the use of a tablet or smartphone. Further, the display is optimized for use in bright sunlight with a claimed brightness double that of standard smartphones. The controller is available today. Read DJI’s press release here.

DJI Launches DJI Pro Website

DJI launched its Pro website targeted at photographers and videographers. Read the full news release here

From DJI’s Website: 

DJI Pro is dedicated to professionals using DJI’s advanced aerial and gimbal technologies, such as the Inspire and the Ronin series. The new website consists of five categories: 

Product Information: Explore DJI products. 

DJI Masters Program: Learn from professional cinematographers with unique insights into the industry as well as the innovative imaging technology they use. 

Showcase: Find out how DJI products are being used on film sets.

Education: Learn about how to setup and use each product.

Events: Get the latest info on DJI, local events, workshops and more.