News Shooter Publishes Comprehensive Review of New DJI Smart Controller

DJI Smart Controller for Mavic 2 Series of Drones
DJI Smart Controller for Mavic 2 Series of Drones

News Shooter published a comprehensive review of the new DJI Smart Controller. DJI announced the controller for the Mavic 2 series of drones at CES recently. If you are or tired of slaving your smart device to your controller with a cable or wedging it into the controller’s socket, read this review here to help you decide if the new integrated controller is right for you.

DJI Smart Controller with Built-In 5.5″ Screen Announced at CES 2019

DJI Product Photo of the Smart Controller for Mavic 2 with built-in screen.

DJI announced a new smart controller with a built-in screen for Mavic 2 Zoom, Pro, and Enterprise models. The new controller allows drone operation without the use of a tablet or smartphone. Further, the display is optimized for use in bright sunlight with a claimed brightness double that of standard smartphones. The controller is available today. Read DJI’s press release here.