Canon Expects Interchangeable Lens Camera Market to Contract Another 50 Percent

This is an interesting look at what senior players at camera manufacturers are faced with when confronting a changing photography landscape. In an interview reported by both DPReview and Canon Rumors, but officially published by Nikkei (originally in Japanese, but translated), Fujio Matarai, Canon’s CEO, provided insights on the camera market. It is important to note that this discussion is about all interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs), not just the typical mirrorless vs. DSLRs.

The market has declined 10% year-over-year. This trend will continue for the next several years. Mirrorless cameras are a replacement for DSLRs, but do not drive up total units sold.

What we’re most curious about given a contracting market segment is what it will do to prices of professional-level gear. Costs, even if adjusted for inflation, of flagship systems are already well above where they were ten years ago. Given the smaller market, what will the price of a flagship system camera be in 2025?

Leica Fotopark Changes Focus

Leica Fotopark, established in 2014, and curated by Leica Fotografie International posted a simple message on their home page:

We have made the decision to shift our focus to concentrate on the exchange between photographers and photography experts. In light of this, we would like to recommend the LFI.Gallery as the ideal location for your photos in the future.

There is no further explanation, but there are several links to the LFI Gallery.

Photographer Banned from Artist’s Show and Clothing Company Shuts Down Due to Threats; We’re Sure There’s a Lesson In There Somewhere

Last week, FStoppers published a story about Dutch photographer J Salmeron’s copyright conflict with the band Arch Enemy and one of their sponsors, Thunderball Clothing–a small independent company based in Poland. Thunderball reposted an image of Salmeron’s without permission — by reposting it from the sponsored musician’s Instagram feed, not the photographer’s.

Today, FStoppers issued an update to the story. Apparently, the owner of Thunderball Clothing reached an agreement with Salmeron, but due to the intense amount of backlash from the public, has decided to shut down her company.

Both articles are worth reading. At The Photo Beat, we imagine that the opinions will vary widely across the spectrum of possible interpretations. However, there are certainly lessons to be learned here.

DJI Launches DJI Pro Website

DJI launched its Pro website targeted at photographers and videographers. Read the full news release here

From DJI’s Website: 

DJI Pro is dedicated to professionals using DJI’s advanced aerial and gimbal technologies, such as the Inspire and the Ronin series. The new website consists of five categories: 

Product Information: Explore DJI products. 

DJI Masters Program: Learn from professional cinematographers with unique insights into the industry as well as the innovative imaging technology they use. 

Showcase: Find out how DJI products are being used on film sets.

Education: Learn about how to setup and use each product.

Events: Get the latest info on DJI, local events, workshops and more.