Nikon Announces New Features for Z6 and Z7 Cameras: Eye Focus, PRORES RAW Recording, and CF Express Compatibility

Nikon Product Photo of Z6 Filmmaker's Kit
Nikon Product Photo of the Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit

News Shooter published an article today detailing the advantages and functions for Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras that Nikon announced yesterday. The article describes the PRORES Raw functionality and dives into the features of the Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit. Additionally, Nikon’s announcement outlined upcoming eye focus for Z6 and Z7 cameras. Additionally, Nikon will add CFExpress functionality to both cameras. Whether or not Nikon will add CFExpress functionality to D810 and D5 cameras is unclear.

Skylum Releases Luminar 3 With Libraries

Skylum released Luminar 3.  This significant upgrade adds libraries and image management to the already capable package.  Luminar features “the most essential tools for professional photographers.” Additionally it’s “quick & awesome” features called “magic sliders”  include Saturation/Vibrance, Clarity, and Accent AI–which is a unique feature to Luminar.  Further, Skylum features and Aerial Photography workspace “inspired by DJI” for imagery captured with drones. See the full release information and purchase or upgrade the software if you are so inclined at Skylum’s Luminar page.