Sony Announces the RX100VII Compact Camera

Sony RX100VII Top View
Sony RX100VII Front View
Sony RX100VII Front View

Sony RX100VII: Compact, but Powerful

Sony continues its rapid march forward with new product releases. Today’s announcement of the RX100VII camera is no different. As with the recent release of the Sony Alpha A7R4, this lates release is packed with technology and significant improvements.

The compact camera boasts a 1″ sensor and focus technology featured in the company’s flagship camera, the A9. Among the many internal tweaks, the camera also gets a new audio port for external microphones–a feature sure to please many vloggers.

I own a Sony RX100III and have been very pleased with it over the past four years. I dropped, dinged, and generally abused it on a variety of adventures and it just keeps working flawlessly. If I destroy it, I’ll replace it with an RX100VII without hesitation.

The RX100VII features a longer lens than the III. The 24-200mm (35mm equivalent lens) originally debuted with the RX100VI. It’s an impressive engineering feat to fit the lens into such a compact body and seems like a bit of a magic trick when the camera turns on or off, extending or retracting the lens.

Combined with the Sony accessory grip and an external microphone, this camera is a great all around shooter that can handle a broad variety of situations. It lacks an internal neutral density filter, but given all the tech that’s jammed in a minuscule body, it’s a small price to pay.

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